Adieu, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen

Stade Roi Baudouin, Brussels – August 3, 4, & 5, 2023

Paul’s make-up lost the battle against the rain, Brussels 05.08.2023 by Roxsfoxs

Stade Roi Baduouin in Brussels was the final stop of Rammstein’s 2023 Europe Stadium Tour, where the band played three wonderful nights in a row. The very last concert was held in pouring rain, but even the rain could not hide the tears of the audience: Tears of joy, gratitude, and sadness that it was all over.

By KidArctica, Sez, and Roxsfoxs @roxsfoxs (Guest Photographer)

Stade Roi Baudouin is the biggest stadium in Belgium. It is located north west of the city centre of Brussels, originally erected to give the city a multi-purpose stadium. The venue was finished in 1930 with a capacity of around 75,000 spectators, and got the name Jubilee Stadium. In 1946, it was renamed to Heysel Stadium after the neighbourhood where it’s situated. Many high profile games were hosted there, but the stadium was in poor condition and not well maintained. This culminated in the “Heysel Stadium disaster” in 1985, when 39 Juventus fans died after being pressed against a collapsing wall by rioting Liverpool fans. 600 people were injured as well.

Schneider pointing at the audience, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

Not until 1994 did the stadium get modernised. It was renamed Stade Roi Baudouin after the Belgian king who died in 1993. Everything except from a gateway near the main entrance got renovated, and the new stadium has a capacity of 50,093 spectators. While there has been controvery around the safety of the stadium also after this, it is still the home stadium of the Belgian national team. It also hosts other big events, both sports events and concerts. U2, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, One Direction, Coldplay, and Beyoncé are among the artists who have played there.

In 2019, Rammstein filled the stadium during their first leg of their Europe Stadium Tour. While they chose Ostend for their 2022 tour leg, Brussels was back for 2023 for the last three concerts of the 2023 Europe Stadium Tour – the only location with three shows directly in a row.


The weather this tour has varied from freezing cold to blazing hot. In Brussels, the weather gods decided upon rain. The night before the first concert, forecast said heavy rain as well, though this did not stop the most hardcore fans who really wanted to end the tour in their favourite spots in the front row. A small camp of tents popped up by the gates set up where Avenue de Marathon started, a long road leading to the stadium. The name itself seemed ominous, as the distance from the gates to the stadium was worryingly long.

This turned out to be an unfounded worry. Really early, at 9 am, we were told there would be a pre-entry around two hours later. Sure enough, at 11 am, the first set of gates were opened. We were even let in by numbers, which was surprising, but much appreciated. Tickets were checked, wristbands were given out, and security – well, to put it like this, some got into the area with huge backpacks full of food, drinks, and sleeping equipment, whereas others had to throw everything away. After entry, we could move up to a second set of gates, ten of them, that were much closer to the stadium.

Till and Paul singing together, Brussels 03.08.2023 by KidArctica

While this could have been good had everyone known about it in advance, it turned out to be quite a headache for almost everyone who had spent the night there. What they had not told us, was that once you got in, you were not allowed outside again. People had tents, mats, sleeping bags, and other equipment that they needed to stash away in cars or hotels. Suddenly, they had mere minutes to figure out how to sort that out. Some chose to stay outside in order to do that, some tried to hide their things and hoped it would all be there later, others had friends on the outside pick up their stuff.

Another drawback of such an early entry is that if you get your food and drinks taken away, you have to either buy stuff inside, or go without. Brussels didn’t have tokens, but instead you had to buy a card (for a fee, of course) and fill that up. At least it was a customised Rammstein card, so if nothing else, it was a nice souvenir to take back home.

The wait inside this area was long and also quite wet. Showers now and then made sure to keep people from getting fully dry. However, that was nothing compared to the cold shower most people got once it drew closer to entry, and security brought out a long, orange rope.

Rope generally means trouble. Having something rigid like that in front of a huge crowd of people is just not a good solution. When head of security came with his megaphone ten minutes past door time, saying that he hoped everything would go smoothly, we could already have told him that it would be a mess. All ten gates were opened at the same time. As soon as the guards started walking, people started pushing, and the rope got pulled extremely tight. To make matters worse, the passage we were going through was much narrower than the rope. The pushing got even more intense, and the guards were unable to control the mass of people.

Flake doing to Till what we would like to do to the organisers after the first day’s entry, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

We were led around the entire back of the stadium to the opposite side of where we entered. People were already struggling to stay up, but while the walk was terrible, it was nothing compared to the absolute stampede that happened when the guards let loose. Instead of leading us to a spot directly facing the entrance to the Feuerzone area, they took us to a spot where there was a fence right in front of us that we had to round in order to get in. This turned out to be impossible. Many got caught against the fence, people fell right and left, and soon after, the fence gave in and fell as well. Shoes and glasses were lying on the ground along with people with scratches and bruises. Some got panic attacks. It was the worst entry of all tour dates that the blog crew attended, and only beaten by Lisbon for the entire tour.

The disastrous entry made several people write angry posts in social media directed at Greenhouse Talent. They actually replied. While their answer tried to put responsibility on the audience, at least their reply gave some hope that something would change, and something certainly did – more about that later.

At 8:36 pm, the first of the three last shows kicked off. From the start, the band seemed to pick up where they had left in Chorzów. The band members were interacting and having fun with each other and with the audience. Paul Landers entered stage without wearing his glasses. Already during Links 2-3-4, he went over to Richard Z. Kruspe‘s side to play with his guitar buddy.

Perhaps the most interesting new thing happened during Bestrafe mich. Flake Lorenz, who in Chorzów came down front to gesticulate towards Till Lindemann, took it one step further. This time he brought a single tail whip, and started whipping the vocalist during the first verse, to the audience’s great amusement.

The whipping may or may not have contributed, but Till was in a good mood. After Giftig, he pulled his tongue out with his hand to see if he could make it go even deeper than before. During Puppe, he held the camera on each of his bandmates a little bit longer than usual, making sure all of them smiled.

A rare smile from Oliver, Brussels 04.08.2023 by Roxsfoxs

Paul almost resisted doing a little Puppe dance, but managed to quickly squeeze in some arm movements before shushing the audience and pointing towards Richard’s side. While Paul didn’t dance much, Oliver Riedel did his Puppe outro dance, standing again. More dancing happened during Radio, where Paul and Oliver did a little dance together.

Before the Mein Teil intro, Till “chased” Paul to the middle so the two guitarists could play together, which perhaps contributed to Paul being “scared” again when Till came on stage with the giant pot. Till, on the other hand, stuck his head into the pot only to make a grimace as if the contents smelled badly (perhaps it did, who knows?) He then went on to share a mic with Paul during the first chorus.

After the post-Sonne bow, before going to the B-stage, Paul visited the front row. He gave a pick to a happy fan, and he also got gifted a crocheted doll of himself.

While Paul is quite skilled at making sure no one gets into his and Oliver’s boat on their way back to the main stage, Flake and Christoph Schneider are not equally good at that. Once again, a fan managed to climb into their boat, and it even looked like the same dude who did it in Munich.

During Ausländer, Flake played standing, holding his keyboard, like in Chorzów. Oliver came to the front during Du riechst so gut, even flashing a smile before he could retreat back to the safety of his own spot for the freeze. Till decided to once again use the freeze to steal a handful of drumsticks from Schneider, throwing them to happy fans.

Guitarists playing together, Brussels 03.08.2023 by KidArctica

Ohne dich has become a new moment for PaulChard fans, and the two guitarists sought together also during this first Brussels show, enjoying some more playtime together. All in all, the concert was really good and lots of fun to watch, with so many nice moments of interaction between the band members. People seemed to leave satisfied, already looking forward to the second day – apart from, of course, the entry.


After the mess of an entry, fewer people lined up early for the second day. Though late at night, good news were delivered by well-known fan and Instagrammer Luis Bawzaski. He had gotten in touch with Rammstein’s management, and had been promised that the first 50 people in line would be let in early the following day. While everyone always tends to expect the worst until proven otherwise, this did give us hope.

We prepared the best we could. People were numbered, and in the morning, pictures were taken of all the queuers, in numbered order, as a precaution in case someone tried to cut the line. At this point, we were at 61 people with numbers, though everyone with numbers higher than 61 were informed that we were only told 50, and that given that we would get in early, there was a chance they would not be included.

Like the first day, the pre-entry happened early. This time the people in line had prepared better, and managed to stash away their stuff before the first gates were opened. Security confirmed to us that the first people would indeed be let in early, so even though we got through the first checkpoint by numbers, it didn’t really matter, as we would organise ourselves again by the next set of gates. People settled down by the leftmost of the ten gates. We had been told to make sure to be in the area around an hour before entry, and that information was relayed to everyone in the group.

Till laughing at Paul’s green accessory, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

Around noon, head of security came out to us. He brought yellow wristbands and started handing them out to people, by numbers. Some weren’t there, as we had initially been instructed to be there at 3 pm, they might have been going to the bathroom or getting food. Luckily the photos of the queuers could help us out, and thus KidArctica got the job of handing out wristbands to those not present. The head of security even extended wristband handouts to the first 61 people, which was really nice of him. Of course, some people got angry and claimed it was unfair and that they had been there early as well, but we had both people who could confirm they hadn’t been there when they claimed, and picture proof.

We were told that we would all enter through the leftmost gate, and that we should be there and ready shortly before doors. Luis came to check on people in the line, and everything seemed to be in order. We organised ourselves in batches based on the numbers in preparation of entry. And as promised, before anyone else was let in, the first 61 were let inside and walked in one long line directly to the front from the side we entered, without having to walk around the whole venue. It was slightly surreal, but incredibly relaxing, and everyone who had been there early got a spot in the front row.

After the first 61 were in, the rest were let in, though in batches. They were walked with rope for a while and then let go, but because there were fewer people, there was less pushing and less danger of injury. Finally, the rest was let in, and to even out the audience, they had to walk around the venue, like the first day. Everyone seemed satisfied with this way of doing entry, even those in the later batches, simply because it was much more controlled and safe.

At 8:42, Music for the Royal Fireworks sounded over the speakers, kicking off the second of the Brussels concerts. Already during Links 2-3-4, Till showed that he was in a playful mood. When he was behind Paul, he decided to mock his guitar playing with exaggerated arm movements, which he has previously done with Richard.

Strict butcher Till dragging Paul back out on the stage, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

A funny detail from this day was that they forgot to turn on the green light on Paul’s microphone, so he played the entire first part of their set with it off. And talking about microphones, during Bestrafe mich, Till’s mic failed, and there was no sound during the first verse. At least Flake made sure the audience was entertained, this time hitting Till with a flogger before scuttling back up to his keyboards. When Till finally got a new mic, he exchanged the lyrics, and sang “Der Herrgott nimmt, der Herrgott gibt mir ein Mikrofon.” [The lord takes, the lord gives me a microphone]

During Mein Herz brennt, Richard went up the stairs to pay a visit to Flake, to rock out with him a bit before heading over to Paul. Interactions between the two are fairly rare, so that was really nice to see.

Paul came on stage this time with his sunglasses on, but with a fluffy green – something – dangling from his zipper. This thing, as well as Paul, was thorougly inspected by a laughing Till when he came over with his Puppe cam. Before that, Schneider had copied Flake’s lotus position, but changed before Till came over, and made his by now standard heart with his hands. Oliver continued his streak of Puppe outro dancing, this time getting down low again, showing off how impressively flexible he is for being so tall.

For the intro of Zeit, Till pretended to sing the falsetto part. We would have loved to hear him actually do it!

Mein Teil did not disappoint this time either. During the intro, Paul tickled Richard’s finger while Richard was holding up his guitar. Butcher Till had decided that he was done looking for Paul, so he went backstage and dragged the guitarist out by his ear before the two of them burst into a surprise synchronised dance.

Schneider tainting Till’s platform, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

Talking about dance, instead of going to Schneider, Paul went over to join Richard and Oliver, and the three of them rocked out with some interesting hand movements. The two guitarists then leaned on one keyboard each, other hand in their sides, before Schneider came over, pretending to smoke a cigarette. At this point, Paul started tinkering with Flake’s keyboard, which also Oliver found interesting, and the two of them were almost like small kids, just pressing keys to make a random melody while Till brought out the big cannon.

A “dramatic moment” happened when the band stepped to the front to take a bow after Sonne. Schneider had the nerve to put his foot up on Till’s little platform when bowing, which Till didn’t like. The vocalist gesticulated heavily to show his dismay both to the audience and to his other bandmembers until Paul finally guided him backstage.

After getting out of the boat, Paul decided to stay and hang out with Till on the bridge. While Richard was still signing autographs in his boat, Till pretended to file his nails, while Paul cuddled up to him in a very tender moment.

Flake is by now known for sometimes picking up headwear during the boat ride. In this second show, he got his hands on a sparkly golden cap. The cap totally matched his outfit, and Flake put it on and wore it. He managed to keep it until Till stole it from him during the Du riechst so gut freeze, where the vocalist snuck up from behind and got very close and personal.

Oliver, who seemed to get braver the further into the tour we got, headed back to the front of the stage once again during Du riechst so gut. The bassist even smiled two times while he was playing up front, which is almost unheard of! During the freeze, he might have stepped on his pant leg, because his cargo pants were pulled so tight that not only did he display a magnificent set of glutes, they also threatened to pop out of his pants. Luckily(?) they didn’t.

Oliver stepping on his pants leg, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

Another PaulChard moment took place during Ohne dich. Richard went over to Paul’s side again, and after playing together, he kissed Paul on the neck before going back to his own spot.

During Rammstein, photographer Jens Koch started throwing heart-shaped balloons in the air, and Paul tried to hit them with this flamethrower. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to make hearts literally burn.

Some people left the concert early in order to get back outside and queue for the very last concert of the tour. Most of us stayed in. And as the white confetti rained over us and the last tones of Adieu faded out, it was difficult to grasp that we would only get to hear Rammstein one last time before it was over.


Already before the concert was over, there were people queueing up for the last day. Blog crew member Sez was one of them, as she could only attend the last of the three Brussels concerts. Securing the coveted number one in the line, at least she got to listen to parts of the day two concert from outside of the stadium – which was a very strange experience, as she recalls.

Brussels weather had improved significantly for the second day show, leaving the thankful concertgoers dry and even displaying clear skies during the concert. The Belgian weather gods apparently decided that this was enough nice weather though, and that the last concert of the tour should be one to be remembered not only by whatever antics happened on stage. But more on that later. Actually, the night and most of the morning remained dry, which was at least something, as not everyone was able to sleep inside a tent, protected from potential downpours.

Till up close and personal with Flake after taking his golden cap, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

The mood in the queue was exceptional from the very first moment, right after the first people emerged from the day 2 show. It has to be said that the “usual suspects” of early queuers have gotten to know each other fairly well throughout the tour and become somewhat of a community. Everyone was overjoyed to see each other for this last time, people hugged, took group selfies and set up camp. The numbers grew quickly. By early morning, the line had grown to almost 50 people, and soon after, it was decided to stop numbering people. Sez had heard about plans of following a Hawaiian theme for the Brussels shows at some point and thought it to be a brilliant idea, so she came prepared with a Hawaiian shirt and a whole batch of flower necklaces that she handed out to the queuers.

After stashing away everything to prepare for pre-entry, KidArctica took on the organiser role again and photographed everyone by their numbers. While the head of security was ready to follow numbering, he did not want to give out wristbands this time. Instead, they had changed the pre-entry area, separating the golden circle (Feuerzone) from the general admission – the first two days, everyone had entered through the same gates. Separating the two is all good and well, however, that in itself is not going to prevent people from trying to cut in line, especially not on the very last concert of the tour. These concerns were expressed to head of security, who said he would discuss it with the organiser, and get back to us.

The pre-entry went beautifully, with everyone being called in by numbers. Enthusiastic fans strutted over to the second gates and settled down. Some time after noon, the weather decided to finally strike, which prompted the queuers to put on their rain ponchos and fasten multiple emergency blankets across the barriers to create makeshift rain covers. As entry time drew closer, we hadn’t received any bracelets, and head of security was nowhere to be seen. This created worry about how the entry would be handled. Some tried to cut in line, which made people angry and uneasy. Not all security was happy about having to deal with queue drama, and tension was rising.

Paul handing out gifts to the front row, Brussels 05.08.2023 by KidArctica

Fortunately, Brussels hero Luis arrived just in time with bracelets and confirmation that everyone with a bracelet would be let in early one by one and by numbers, which rightfully earned him a cheer from the increasingly wet queue. And so it was done. The line of people, lead by Sez rhythmically chanting “Links 2 3 4” at every step, made their way slowly and calmly into the venue. It was truly a one of a kind concert entry experience. Thanks to this, we all got our desired spots in front row right as we walked past Paul goddamn Landers, who stood down near the barrier and received waves and cheers from the entering fans. He disappeared shortly after and we got into the usual pre-show waiting mindset.

Enter Paul Landers, again. The guitarist suddenly appeared with a big cardboard box and started handing out goodies to the people in the front. Nobody could really believe what was happening right in front of them. What was happening, was Paul handing the two pairs of goggles that were in the box to KidArctica and Sez, who were speechless and beyond grateful. It goes without saying that the goggles were instantly made part of the concert attire for this last show of the tour. And none of them would have expected to get so emotional before the show had even started. It promised to be a very emotional evening, that much was for sure.

The rest of the wait was uneventful, if one disregards the constantly stopping and starting rain showers. At 8:38, the familiar intro of Music for the Royal Fireworks marked the beginning of the last show of the 2023 Europe Stadium Tour, and the fiery mood instantly caught on with the crowd. We ditched our rain ponchos despite the ongoing rain and were soaked before Rammlied had even ended, but it did nothing to halt the absolute energy that everyone projected towards their six favourite Germans on stage. And the band seemed to feel the rainy Hawaiian party vibes as well, as they were all in an excellent mood despite getting their fair share of involuntary showers as well.

The two guitarists have definitely taken a liking to playing together. Already during Links 2-3-4, Paul was on his merry way over to Richard. Though Till wanted it differently, and chased the left guitarist back to his own spot on the left.

A very wet Richard, Brussels 05.08.2023 by KidArctica

Paul was especially hit by the rain, as his makeup was shown to not be waterproof. Very quickly, he looked like someone had dumped a glass of milk over his head. This seemed to really amuse Till, who approached Paul laughing and pointing with a mirror during Bestrafe mich, so that the guitarist could take a look at himself. Towards the end of the song, Till came up to Paul with a towel and tried to wipe the runny makeup off his face. Paul refused to be cleaned up, so Till put the towel on Paul‘s microphone for him to do it himself. Instead, Paul took the towel and proceeded to rub his ass dry with it. Oh well, Till tried.

Flake was trying his best in flogging Till again, who took as much note of it as a horse when a fly lands on it, although he did acknowledge Flake by singing “er darf mein Bestrafer sein” [he is allowed to be my punisher] and pointing at the keyboardist.

Paul wasn’t the only one suffering from cosmetic malfunctions due to the rain, as Richard’s ever-so-spikey hair got so wet that even the three kilos of hair gel couldn’t stop it from turning into a floppy mess (that he can honestly pull off shockingly well).

During Mein Herz brennt, Till jumped around like an excited toddler during the fakeout chorus chants. He also fittingly changed the lyrics in the beginning to “ich hab euch Regen mitgebracht” [I have brought you rain]. Another lyric change had happened in Sehnsucht, where the vocalist sang “der Finger rutscht in den Popo” [the finger slides into the butt].

Puppe is always a fun song for stage antics and it did not disappoint on this last day. The song started with Till taking his sweet time pushing the stroller around on stage. He first pushed it too far, then went around it and pushed it back to the center of the stage and then fiddled around with it some more, until Paul went up to him and motioned for him to get on with it already. Maybe Till just wanted to prolong the show as much as possible? The fans would certainly understand. During the mosquito dance break, Paul had no chance of coming up with his own little dance this time, as Till suddenly led him to the stroller, apparently very adamant about showing him the flames and the crispy baby inside of it.

DJ RZK, Brussels 05.08.2023 by KidArctica

Before Angst, Paul finally went off stage to clean up the make-up mess on his face. He took his sweet time doing so, and Schneider even started yelling for him to come back on stage. The drummer finally started the song without the guitarist, who managed to make it out in time for the riff to start. Paul decided that this was the time to make fun of Oliver’s incredibly dark make-up this tour. When Till sang “Der schwarze Mann, er wird dich holen”, he grinned and pointed at Oliver.

Ever since the concert in Paris, we had started performing the cheerleader arm movements from the Angst music video during the song. This went largely unnoticed by the band, however in this last show of the tour, Paul suddenly pointed, laughed, and even imitated the movement for a bit. Better late than never! Zeit made some of us quite emotional, and it seemed like that carried over to Paul, who quickly disappeared to the back of the stage for a big part of the song.

Even Richard took the opportunity to do something special this last concert. During the Deutschland RMX, he showed up in the elevator with an enormous pair of glasses. And during the stick man dance, Till decided to do a guest performance – he showed up on stage with two flashlights and danced for a bit, before quickly retreating back below stage.

During the Mein Teil intro, Paul seemed a little thirsty, as he leaned backwards and stuck out his tongue to catch raindrops. Till then surprised everyone by coming on stage wearing a red beer helmet rather than his regular butcher’s hat, which made Flake smile. Till then made a fan smile, as he threw the helmet into the crowd, where said fan managed to snatch it. Paul decided Schneider needed a little affection, so he went behind the drums and gave the drummer a kiss on the cheek. Richard spiced up the background dance by clapping instead of snapping his fingers.

Paul, Schneider, and Richard, Brussels 05.08.2023 by Roxsfoxs

Paul did snap his fingers though, and also during Radio. We had been snapping our fingers for a few concerts, as we had seen both him and Oliver do that in the past, and this time, Paul caught on, and joined us.

Till wanted to go for his usual mic-headbutt during Sonne, but Paul sternly forbade him to do so. After Sonne, we quickly pulled out a series of signs that we had drawn while queuing. Together, they read a thank you message to the band, who even acknowledged it before and after taking a bow together. Since it was raining, Oliver put on one of the very expensive Rammstein bathrobes for the walk over to the B-stage.

On the B-stage, Till played with the tent that was put up there to prevent the pianos from getting wet in the rain, making the water splash. During the boat ride back to the main stage, a pink flamingo was thrown into Paul’s boat. He took it with him, though when Till saw it, he gave him a “nooo, not you, too!” look and refused to take it. Paul retaliated by tapping Till on the head with the flamingo’s beak and placing it on the vocalist’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Till took Oliver’s hand, but refused to let him leave for a little while, as Paul also occupied the bridge. Eventually, the bassist was let loose, and Paul got off the bridge as well.

Till scaring Paul with Jens Koch’s GoPro, Brussels 05.08.2023 by KidArctica

During the Du riechst so gut freeze, Paul snuck stealthily around until Till spontaneously ripped Jens‘s GoPro off from the long camera stick and went around the stage filming everyone with it. When he held the camera in Paul‘s face, Paul reacted startled and stumbled back in shock. How dare Till do something like that unannounced!

More crying and emotional support took place during Ohne dich, which, looking back, was such a good addition to the set for this tour. Richard made his way over to Paul towards the end of the song, and Paul decided to play the beta melody again. After the song had ended, Richard placed a quick kiss on Paul’s cheek, who then pulled Richard back to share a proper kiss with his friend. After no such kisses the first two days, this was very welcomed by the fans.

During the Rammstein guitar flamethrowers, Jens Koch gave the balloon-throwing another go, and Paul actually succeeded in popping one of them this time. Ich will also held another special moment. The crowd erupted in loud cheers after the line “Wir wollen, dass ihr uns vertraut” [We want you to trust us], something that had happened primarily in German-speaking countries before, and Till let the crowd have their moment, omitting the following line.

And then came Adieu, the last song of not only the concert, but the entire tour. The moment the first note sounded from the speakers, some people couldn’t hold their emotions back anymore. Tears over tears. This emotional state went on after the song and even the band became slightly emotional in the end. Paul could be seen taking a very deep breath and frowning before stepping to the front of the stage and taking the knee. He also disappeared very quickly after Till had said his goodbyes. We also saw a tender moment as Schneider kissed Oliver on the shoulder before the final bow.

Till and Richard, Brussels 04.08.2023 by KidArctica

As fans, you always hope for a next tour. Since the 2023 tour was announced right at the end of the last show in Ostende in 2022, many fans were hopeful for an announcement at the end of this last Brussels show. However, nothing out of the ordinary happened. The concert ended like any other show this year. Even at the time of publishing this blog post, there has been no official announcement for a tour in 2024, so we can all only hope that we will hear from our favourite band again soon. As the Germans would say: “Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.” [Hope dies last.]

Hope itself is a good word for this tour in general. It goes without saying that nobody expected this tour to go down the way it did, with media storms following the band’s every footstep. But amongst this huge storm, the fans held onto their loyalty to the band, and most of all held onto the hope of this storm passing us by, as Till put it at the end of one of the Munich concerts. And now, some weeks after the tour has ended, the investigations into Till Lindemann in Berlin have officially been closed, and an entire community has finally been able to breath a sigh of relief after holding their breath for such a long time. The 2023 tour was possibly the most emotionally intense tour one could have asked for, in every aspect, good and bad.

2023 Europe Stadium Tour is over, and with it our concert report series is ending as well. Without a doubt, it can be said that the blog crew had an unforgettable time this year, taking so many incredible memories with them. Being able to share some of them with the world in the form of this blog has been a very fulfilling experience. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in making these reports happen – guest reporters and guest photographers – and of course we want to thank our readers for taking the time to read about what our little crew of Rammstein fanatics has to say again and again. We’re looking forward to what the future has in store for this blog.

In their last Instagram post from the tour, Rammstein wrote: “This was Rammstein‘s Europe Stadium Tour 2023! Danke und auf Wiedersehen!” We choose to take that last part literally, and can’t wait for another tour. Until next time: Adieu, goodbye, auf Wiedersehen!

03.08.2023, 04.08.2023, & 05.08.2023

  1. Rammlied
  2. Links 2-3-4
  3. Bestrafe mich
  4. Giftig
  5. Sehnsucht
  6. Mein Herz Brennt
  7. Puppe
  8. Angst
  9. Zeit
  10. Deutschland RMX
  11. Deutschland
  12. Radio
  13. Mein Teil
  14. Du hast
  15. Sonne
  16. Engel
    (Piano version with Abélard)
  17. Ausländer
  18. Du riechst so gut
  19. Ohne dich
  20. Rammstein
  21. Ich will
  22. Adieu
A true PaulChard moment, Brussels 05.08.2023 by KidArctica

Sez and KidArctica are RammWiki editors who have been part of the website for years, working in the background with edits and content. Fun Fact: In his Instagram, Paul Landers posted a photo of a crocheted Paul doll and his dog Minni. The doll was made by Roxsfoxs.

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