Falling Into Place

MCC Halle Münsterland, Münster – 12 November, 2023

Till Lindemann’s third concert showed that things are definitely falling into place for the band. Till both looked and sounded good, and the band members seemed more confident, enjoyed the crowd interaction, and had a lot of fun together on stage.

By Admin, KidArctica, and Rasputin 93

The Rammstein vocalist’s solo tour rolls on. Sticking to Germany for the first part of the tour, the band visited Münster to play at MCC Halle Münsterland. The congress centre’s «Große Halle» takes around 6500 people, and the venue was, like most of the other tour dates in Germany, sold out.

Despite it being fairly cold, queueing started quite early for the most eager fans. As the day passed by, more and more people came to. Entrance started around 6:30 pm as scheduled, and it didn’t take long before the hall seemed pretty packed.

At 8 pm, Phantom Vision went on stage. There seemed to be an issue with the sound in the start, everything seemed very quiet. It took a little while, but the sound level got adjusted, and the band finished their set without any further issues. As usual, they were followed by Aesthetic Perfection. Daniel Graves and his musicians made sure to warm up the crowd properly for what was to come.

Not long after, smoke filled the stage and Till Lindemann and his band entered. Again, the band members had changed up their outfits. Jes Paige wore the same distressed top as in Leipzig, but this time without anything underneath it. Emily Ruvidich had exchanged her top for a bra-style top with straps going up to a collar. Constance Day wore the same top as in Leipzig, but without a harness on top. Danny Lohner had a sleeveless shirt top with collar instead of a singlet, and Joe Letz chose a short sleeved top instead of a long sleeved one.

This tour, Till has chosen to go for red facial make-up with dark rings around the eyes. The make-up choice has made him seem tired at times, but in Münster, the vocalist looked more energetic and playful. In Düsseldorf, the sound up front came across as a bit muddy now and then. This time, the sound was great, and Till sounded great as well.

While this version of Till’s band is quite fresh, we are now starting to see how strong the constellation is, and how well the musicians go together. They have their own personalities and complement each other; Jes is the elegant, but playful diva, Constance is a firecracker and queen of her riser, Emily is more withdrawn, but once you take notice, it’s hard not to watch her, Danny is introvertedly living with the music, and Joe is an energetic monster behind the drums.

The band was less stationary than in the two previous concerts, and there was more interaction between band members – both planned and unplanned. In Düsseldorf, Jes and Constance didn’t seem too impressed by Till’s fish in Fish On. What a difference two days can do! In Münster, Constance put on a glove in a way that should remind all men of a certain age that this is Movember. Along with Jes, she happily threw fish at audience members who may or may not have been equally happy about it.

We have already confessed to not being able to focus fully on back projections. While they seemed to be the same as in Düsseldorf, they could of course have been changed that we have missed. If so, feel free to let us know in the comment section. The one thing we definitely did notice, which was pretty easy actually, was a sudden stop of the video projection during Platz Eins, and the screen turning black. While Till was being walking through the crowd, his camera did not send a video signal to the screen anymore. A day later Bertil Mark made a post about that in a Facebook group, asking for getting the video transmitter back, who apparently was stolen by someone in the crowd. Without that video transmitter the video of Till’s camera can’t be displayed on the screen during the song.

The major change this concert was that after Steh auf, the band took a bow, Till thanked the crowd, and everyone then left the stage while the Till Lindemann logo filled the screen. Previously, they have come back on stage immediately. This time they didn’t – which caused the audience to shout «Zugabe!» until Till and Jes came back out to kick off Knebel. For this song, Till chose to sit down on Constance’s keyboard riser while singing, making the crowd shout every «in dem Mund».

The set list for Till Lindemann was the same as the two previous shows. Though as Skills in Pills came to an end, Till made a small lyrics change. Instead of singing “I have a last one, and I hope to die”, he sang «I have a last one, and I say goodbye.»

He meant it, literally. After the song ended, the band left the stage. Home Sweet Home started playing. Lights came on. Slightly confused, people began to leave. It felt a bit strange not to be able to give the band a final applause, which they had certainly deserved. The show was excellent, hands down the best of the tour so far. If three shows was all they needed to get to this level, it will be really exciting to see where they will be at the end of the tour.

Rasputin 93 was also in Münster. This is his report from the concert:

After not having planned to attend any other shows than Hamburg, I received two offers, which made me go discover Till Lindemann’s new show in person a month earlier than expected! For Münster, this came in form of accompanying a fan in wheelchair – for free. The clear advantage of having a designated place in the venue was to not freeze or stand for hours before doors time. Also, I got to experience the entire show from the far back instead of the front like in Düsseldorf two days prior, which meant I could fully focus on the full stage and projections. When being right in front of the stage, there are so many possibilities on where to shift focus, whether it is the six band members, the crazy projections or the crew’s tireless efforts of reinstalling whatever Till kicked or threw down out of boredom. The biggest difference for me was the sound, since when one is standing right in front of the stage, usually in between the huge PA stacks hanging at the sides of the stade, it results in being in the shadow of both main sound cones, which can at times make some details unintelligible. This time it should be the complete opposite, I thought. But when Phantom Vision started, their sound level seemed a bit quiet and would only be fixed within the first song, which finally stomped into everyone’s bodies and was instantly met with a huge cheer roaring through the entire pit. While Phantom Vision doesn’t necessarily occur to be a fitting support act in my opinion, it definitely fulfills the purpose of warming the crowd up with some gloomy jams. And then came Aesthetic Perfection. Albeit a song shorter than their predecessors the energy and response to their set can’t be compared and they always have a lasting impression on people who didn’t know them. I’d still like them to add Summer Goth to the set, which was accompanied by a fun music video, directed by Zoran Bihać and featuring both Joe Letz and Constance Day in their duties as Aesthetic Perfection members.

Anyways, we’re here for Till Lindemann, aren’t we? Thankfully, both members have a way bigger exposure within the TL set. As previously mentioned, I could finally experience this from afar and so it startled me to actively see how the intro for Zunge started, as it’s way longer and full of artificial glitches at the start than I remembered, making me think there was something wrong with the video screen, ha! And then the band started and it was clear that this performance would be tight as hell, Till joining in and belting the city’s name here and there, he set the mood for a playful evening. Also, I finally noticed how the Zunge projection showed his singing mouth being live-streamed to the screen, something that totally escaped my attention during the previous show. The only repeated downside I noticed this tour so far is the occasional drop-out of Till’s vocals, which makes me wonder if this is due to Till’s mic being attached to quite a lengthy cable, spanning across the entire stage with much potential for a loose contact. In any case, I would love to take a look at all the technicians’ process during a show as this aspect of a live production fascinates me. Back to the actual concert, the band finally executing the encore break after Steh auf, which was always printed on the setlist this tour still caught me off-guard. The reason is that the screen would show the logo for a good while before the band eventually appeared to take a bow, which made it seem like a premature end to the show at first. But my short worry would soon vanish the moment the stage lights went black once again and gave room for the Knebel intro. Finally, as a huge fan of puns and impromptu lyric changes, I was rejoicing when Till sang I say goodbye at the end of Skills in Pills only to actually disappear off the stage right after, leaving the following Home Sweet Home projection and show outro to perform the final soundtrack of this night. See you again, in Hamburg!

  1. Zunge
  2. Schweiss
  3. Fat
  4. Altes Fleisch
  5. Allesfresser
  6. Golden Shower
  7. Tanzlehrerin
  8. Ich weiß es nicht
  9. Sport frei
  10. Blut
  11. Praise Abort
  12. Platz Eins
  13. Fish On
  14. Gummi
  15. Steh auf
  16. Knebel
  17. Ich hasse Kinder
  18. Skills In Pills

Admin is the founder and owner of RammWiki. KidArctica is a RammWiki editor who have been part of the website for years, working in the background with edits and content. Fun Fact: KidArctica went to the show wearing an Aesthetic Perfection t-shirt.

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