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Brose Arena, Bamberg – 14 November, 2023 / Emslandarena, Lingen – 15 November, 2023

The RammWiki blog crew was not present for the Till Lindemann shows in Bamberg and Lingen. Though reports and videos have shown that a few tweaks were made by the band at these locations. Most noticeable: Till Lindemann had shaved off his moustache.

By moritz_10000000 and KidArctica

When the Till Lindemann tour started, the singer showed up proudly presenting a dark moustache under his nose. For the first three concerts, this was a quite prominent feature of the show. Then, in Bamberg, it was gone. Suddenly, the vocalist stopped looking like a Schlager-singer and started resembling the front man of Rammstein.

To go with the moustache-less face, Till had modified his make-up slightly. He had gone slightly less hard on the black around the eyes, and he had coloured his lips black. Till went with the same costume as before, however, it seems like his band members like switching it up more, and several of them went with different combinations of clothing for the shows, as can be seen in the photos.

Interestingly enough, before the encore, drummer Joe Letz stripped off the signature wig and head harness of his alias Sandy Beaches. The three last songs were played as himself.

RammWiki editor moritz_10000000 was in Bamberg. This is his report:

In Bamberg I arrived an hour after doors, but still got a great spot in the front half. The venue was much smaller than the venue I had been in before in Leipzig, it maybe took around 5000 people. It was sold out.

The two opening bands, Phantom Vision and Aesthetic Perfection were even better than in last time I saw them in Leipzig. The mix was better, especially for AP, where the vocals were more clear.

At then end of Aesthetic Perfection the crowd was definitely in the mood and ready for the main act, Till Lindemann!

First of all, his moustache is gone! 

The band seems to be in a great mood, Till screamed “Bamberg” after Zunge, which gave me chills. The last time Till played in Bamberg was in 1995!

Till tasted the cake during Allesfresser, which is the first time I have seen him do that. Of course he smashed the microphone after several songs, which may be a reason for my only complaint: sometimes Till was singing into the mic but I couldn’t hear it, like someone forgot to turn it on.

Till “extending” a few songs was also quite memorable, like several “Mehr” after Allesfresser and “Lass es raus baby” after Blut. The crowd threw fish back at Till and the band. He even licked his glove!

One guy in front of me tried to crowdsurf, I didn’t see if he reached the front however.

The band bowed after Steh auf again. At the end there was the usual Home Sweet Home from tape, and the band left.

For Lingen, unfortunately, we can only go by some photos and video clips we have seen. As has become usual, some costumes were switched up. Again, Joe took off his wig and head harness for the encore, although this time, he also stripped off his top and played the last songs with Sandy’s breasts hanging loose.

The biggest difference seems to have been that the band added a final bow. After Steh auf, they took a bow, and the Till Lindemann logo was shown on the screen. Though after the last song, Skills in Pills, the band came out once again to take a final bow, also from the ledge behind the drum kit. This is great news, as we have missed giving the band that last applause after the show. It seemed like the Lingen audience made sure the band got the send-off they deserved, and hopefully, the band members also enjoyed this change.

14.11.2023 & 15.11.2023

  1. Zunge
  2. Schweiss
  3. Fat
  4. Altes Fleisch
  5. Allesfresser
  6. Golden Shower
  7. Tanzlehrerin
  8. Ich weiß es nicht
  9. Sport frei
  10. Blut
  11. Praise Abort
  12. Platz Eins
  13. Fish On
  14. Gummi
  15. Steh auf
  16. Knebel
  17. Ich hasse Kinder
  18. Skills In Pills

KidArctica and moritz_10000000 are RammWiki editors who have been part of the website for years, working in the background with edits and content. Fun Fact: Bamberg was actually moritz_10000000’s hometown once.

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